Cube orange px4 connection Gremsy gimbal

Dear all,

My setup is a proof of concept for a drone using px4 and communicating with the MAVLink protocol. It consists of a autopilot (cube orange), the air unit of Herelink (remote controller),a companion computer (in this case, an ubuntu pc), a gremsy t3v3 and a Sony a7rm4a. This is a mimic setup for the drone. Additionally, there is a remote controller (ground unit) attached to an iPad app.

The goal of this project is to verify certain key functionalities, such as controlling the gimbal from the companion computer. While it is not a hard requirement that the control of the gimbal is via the same program as the control of the autopilot, it would be preferred (i.e. saving a USB port and not having to use a usb/serial adapter on the drone).

I assumed I could control the gimbal from my autopilot, since it is mentioned on the gremsy site that the gimbal is fully MAVLink compatible and MAVSDK is just a layer on top of MAVLink, not affecting the actual content of the messages.

Does anyone of you have experience with this? And can provide me with a starting point?

All input is welcome!

Kind regards,