Cube Orange PX4 - DShot support

Orange Cube with latest PX4 firmware (1.12.3), does not support DShot output on AUX pins when DShot module is enabled with DSHOT_CONFIG parameter. This parameter is set to DSHOT1200 using QGC. Also tried different DShot speeds, but no luck. When DSHOT_CONFIG is set to 0, on aux outputs there is PWM output. Tried set USE_SYS_IO to 0 or 1 but with no difference.

Looks like there is missing /dev/pwm_output1 interface (FMU outputs usually mapped to AUX mixer). Is there any way to enable /dev/pwm_output1 on Cube Orange? This might be solution to get Dshot running.

As far as I know DShot works on Cube Orange with Ardupilot, but I’m not sure how is it with PX4.

So who is responsible in case of compatibility of CubeOrange with PX4 autopilot. CubePilot company of PX4 developers? I am able to do some changes in PX4 firmware, but low level things like output peripherals are little bit too much.

Cubepilot is a hardware manufacturer. The software compatibility is mainly given by Ardupilot or Px4 developers. We give help in the process.

As Ardupilot has no problem on DShot, as least it is proven that the hardware works. It is just maybe driver problem. You may raise a topic at PX4 forum.