Cube Orange: Servos/Relays and SBUS passthrough

I have a few questions about how PWM outputs vs relay outputs are handled on the Servo channels 9-16 with an Orange Cube. It appears that the number of relay outputs can be altered with BRD_PWM_COUNT. By default it appears that AUX 5-6 are set as relays (BRD_PWM_COUNT=4).
Question 1. What is the status of Servo 15-16?

What I really need to do is pass RC channels 9-16 through the servo channels so that they appear on the SBUS out from the FC (controlling a gimbal etc.). I know about turning on the SBUS first.
The issue is that BRD_PWM_COUNT on the aircraft is set to 0 and RELAY_PIN_2 = 54 (AUX5).

Question 2. With no PWM outputs configured on AUX1-6, if I assign RC passthrough on Servos9-16, what happens. That is, does the relay still work when called for AUX5 but Servo13 is passing RC13 to the SBUS.

It is unclear to me from reading the documentation what happens in the above case.

So question 3 is: Is the relay AUX5 now nothing to do with the Servo channels, or is it still linked in some way so that the RC13 channel messes with AUX5 relay or vice versa.

Many thanks


They don’t exist on Cube.

Servox and RCx are not necessary bind together. You can unbind them by modifying the value in SERVOx_FUNCTION