Cube Orange telemetry OSD from Caddx Vista FPV cam to DJI V2 goggles

Houston, we have a problem…

So I’m relatively new to this and I’m stuck… My copter is built and flown it LOS several times. But I recently upgraded from an older Pix 2.4.6. FC to a Cube Orange due to hardware failure. My Cube is currently running ArduCopter V4.2.3.
I have now recieved my DJI V2 goggles and Caddx Vista Nebula Pro Nano cam and have been flying FPV. But now I’m trying to figure out how to get the OSD telemetry to appear in the goggles. I had the old Pixhawk kit that came with a MinimOSD board that I had not used yet since I had not gotten any FPV goggles at the time. So I’m trying to utilize this minimOSD that I have but I seem to either be missing a parameter setting or something, or the minimOSD isn’t compatible with the Cube Orange. I have everything wired exactly how the diagram that I’ve found said to but it’s still not working.
I’m having a lot of difficulty finding any clear and helpful information on this. I’m also finding out that this is very much a “figure it out as you go” hobby…
Please help!!

In the goggles

In Ardupilot just these:

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