Cube Orange - Using SBUSo port on Cube Orange with Gremsy Gimbal Mio Without Herelink

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I was wondering if it is possible to connect a cube orange that is running Ardupilot to a gremsy gimbal mio through the SBUSo port rather than going through TELEM.

I was trying to do this myself, but could not get the gimbal to move when sending it Servo output through mission planner.

All the documentation I can find about it is with the Herelink, but we do not have a herelink in our setup. The simple reason why we want to do it this way is because all of our telem ports are being used up.

I tried setting the mode on the gimbal to sbus, and changing the channels of the functions on sbus starting from 9.

I also set BRD_SBUS_OUT to 1,

On the mio I have tilt set to channel 9 and roll set to channel 10.

Yet, when I try giving servo 9 and 10 output, the gimbal does not roll or tilt.

I am curious if what I am trying to do is impossible without a herelink, or if I am missing a crucial step.

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Start here Gremsy Mio, Pixy, S1, T3, T7, and ZIO 3-Axis Gimbals — Copter documentation

Yes, as in it is possible to control the gremsy gimbal with SBUSo without a herelink in the mix?

Also I’ve looked at this documentation already and can only find instructions on how to set it up with MAVLink through a telemetry port. I want to set it up using SBUS

Turns out, what I wanted to do was not possible. The SBUS out port was a passthrough for RC IN I believe


Maybe you need to reset the pagram:
To control Gremsy gimbal via SBUS out, please set this pagram below:
BRD_SBUS_OUT set to 1
BRD_TYPE set to 3
SERVO9_FUNCTION set to 59 ( RCIN9)
SERVO10_FUNCTION set to 60 (RCIN10)
MNT1_TYPE set to 6
MNT1_DEFLT_MODE set to 3
Note: Arducopter runs firmware 4.4.3 or higher
Please try it and feedback to me!

Thank you!