Cube orange version 4.3.3

Hello members. we have received a lot of cube orange plus in Jan this year, from a local reseller in India with the firmware of 4.4.4.
However we wanted to flash and install the version 4.3.3.

The cube is not accepting the older version.

Is there any particular procedure to be followed in this or is it not possible?

Not possible, unless you feel like modifying the hwdef file your self and backporting any required updates, and recompiling the firmware.
If you have modified 4.3.3 in some way, investigate using LUA scripts to perform your custom function instead - that way they can work, or be easily updated, to work with any firmware version.

Thanks shawn. There is a hardware update also this time. Usually we used to get blank cubes and install the 4.3.3 update ourselves. This time the cubes are not accepting to downgrade from 4.4.4 to 4.3.3

Not knowing what to do. Think we have to return the same.

@Sureshkumar if you need to stay on version 4.3. Best to stay with CubeOrange. CubeOrangePlus support has been introduced properly since 4.4.

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