Cube Orange with 6 wire GPS


I am just unpacking my new Cube Orange and am trying to set things up. Already I am hitting a bumper:
I am trying to use my old(ish) Holy bro (?) GPS, which has a total of 6 wires coming out. I have no clue how to connect it to the GPS1 connector that comes in the box.
Apart from the button/LED cable, the GPS1 has one connector with 4 wires and one with 3.
I guess one of them is Rx/Tx and one of them is SCL/SDA, with a mix of VCC and GND thrown in for good measure, but which is which?

Please, please do not tell me that the only answer is to get a Here3 GPS. This is just for me to familiarise myself with the Cube Orange, at this stage I am not concerned about accuracy or reliability, just about getting something to work.

Your help is much appreciated!!


The pins are available though the JST-GH connectors on the carrier board. Here is a very useful picture for the pinout. You can purchase a cable kit from one of the vendors to get all the connectors you need. You will need to do some soldering get them connected to your GPS pins.

Hi @TunaLobster ,
thanks, that helped! With a bit of guesswork on the end of the old GPS I worked it out!

hello i am receiving same problem but i couldnt make wiring stuffs. Can you send a picture of your wiring and connections clearly.