Cube orange +?

I just read in that there is a cube orange+, what is the difference with the regular orange?

where can we read about it?

Orange+ has different processor and sensor.

You can find more information in this link.

where can i get it?

Orange+ is now on sale, you can aks your loacal dealer for more information.

No Temp regulator, 757 processor

it does have temp regulator. ill get that page updated.


Is Cube Orange + replacing Cube Orange?

When is the issue with mavlink console not working on 1.13 PX4 gonna be fixed? What’s the point of better processors when the hardware isn’t working…


We also had a few Orange+ ordered, but we run into difficulties. We can not load older firmware on it, but we really need the 4.0.7 because of the RNGFND_GAIN param, which was for some reason removed from 4.1. Is it normal that we can not load older firmware?


info inconsistent

here said ICM20948
then here said ICM20949

Thank you , it has been corrected.

Has this been confirmed?