Cube plus to carrier board with only 3 screws


I bought a Cube+ recently, trying to replace my old Cube Orange while still using the existing ADSB carrier board that I have. I am only able to install 3 out of the 4 screws. Is it okay to leave one screw out? I’m concerned that if I leave one screw out, it might introduce some sort of weird vibration/issue down the road?

I spent a long time trying to install it but I can’t get that one hole to thread right. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!

Hi Sammy, you need 4 screws in place.
Can you install 3 screws first and then try to tilt or move the scew a little to install the last screw ?(please do not force)
If this does not work, please send it to your local dealer for RMA.

Hi Mike, that’s a bummer. I think one thread is not going in. I will reach out to our local dealer for RMA

I had the same issue with some Orange + cubes replacing a few old black cubes. I had seen some previous posts about this and laughed. Joke was on me😂. Found a really easy solution. Use a grinder or sanding disk to grind a point on the end of your screw. When inserting, turn ccw first until you feel the thread click. You’ll still feel some resistance for a turn or two, after the it just threads in normal.

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