Cube Purple issues on Rover 4.0.0

Hi all,
I have two Cube Purple’s here which have been giving various issues while loaded with AR 4.0.0 (0e52bafa). The main symptom is an unusual failure to connect to MP via USB. In the image below you can see this failure, with a few annotations included.
Often when I try the connect button again, the same thing happens. But occasionally I’ll be able to connect and get params as normal.

This seems to be isolated to AR4.0.0. When I switch to AP I no longer have the issues. It also appears to be isolated to the Purples, when I switch to AR4.0.0 on my Cube Black I no longer have the issue either.

This issue seems minor, however I’m concerned about any downstream issues that may be related. When I first started dealing with these purples last week I pushed through to get some initial field testing done and ended up with this awkward setup:

  • Cube Purple would always reboot twice after each power cycle, confirmed by the buzzer tone playing a second time.
  • No servo output would come alive until I performed a soft reboot over Mavlink, after which the startup tone would only play once.

I’m hoping the failed USB connect is a symptom to a common root cause here :crossed_fingers:

Ok I just tried AR 4.1.0-dev and that seems to work fine on these Purples.

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There has been some quirks in some of the connections I have found too. I believe they have improved with the beta as you have found. What can help to connect is to try to install the firmware again and you will get the message the FW is already on the board then it will connect.