Cube Red Development

Any more news on this Cube model? It seems to be a quiet topic since its announcement. I was wondering if anyone here had some inside info on its development and possible release…

Over the weekend the Cube Red was mentioned and a prototype was (quickly) shown during the Ardupilot Developer Conference. It is using two (2) dual core STM32H757, with the idea that Ardupilot would be installed on each of the M7 cores. It was mentioned that development of Ardupilot to support the dual core processors will be worked on this year, so the M4 processor could also be used.

See this portion of the clip that mentions this:

2 STM32H757 dual core
Ethernet port on primary H7
External flash on primary H7
3 CAN busses
4 IMUs on primary H7
1 IMU on secondary H7
First carrier board will have two Cube Reds