Cube refusing to connect using USB (Cube not the issue)

Various Cubes refuse to connect to Mission Planner on an Intel MacBook Pro 13 2020 running Parallels and either Windows 10 or Windows 11. If I setup Bootcamp on the computer then it connects first time every time so I know its not the Cube or the cables. When I try and connect using my Windows on Parallels then all I get is a Heartbeat Packets Not Received message even though the Cube is correctly showing within Device Manager. I have turned the firewall off but still the same. Any ideas at all? My suspicion is a driver incompatibility with Parallels???

Hi Angus, did you get this sorted, I am having an identical problem with Parallels and Windows 11 though I haven’t tried book camp.
Thanks if you can help.

Well, I have narrowed it down to being a specific problem with Parallels. I had a long support session with them but no answers from them. What does work is if you use Parallels v15. Hopefully they will fix this in updates but who knows.