Cube Solo Orientation Issue

Hi all - I have built up a 450 Dead Cat quad for a grandchild with an original 3DR Solo cube that was functional in a Solo before being replaced with Cube Green. The old cube had been updated to OpenSolo 4 and flew fine before retirement.

I updated the cube with a very current Arducopter version, changed AHRS_ORIENTATION to 0 (zero) as it now is mounted normally on a mini-carrier. Compass was obviously corrected as well. All mandatory setup, etc. was successfully

However, ROLL is reversed, which makes sense as it used to be upside down in a Solo. YAW is probably reversed as well.

Could one of you experts tell me what value needs to be applied to AHRS_ORIENTATION to correct the above in a “normally” mounted Cube? PITCH is correct now. I did try various combinations and after multiple changes and reboots I’m waving the white flag right now. This is clearly the result of the “baked in” OpenSolo parameters…most of which I have adjusted appropriately.

Many thanks!

Solved - operator error from a fixed-wing pilot!