Cube, Standard Carrier, Gremsy and Air Commander

Hi All,

a colleague of mine is struggling with the setup of these equipment:

  • Cube Orange
  • Arducopter 4.0.7 FW
  • Standard carrier board
  • Gremsy T3v3
  • AirPixel’s Air Commander Entire with Pixhawk for Sony accessories and wires
  • Sony A7RIV camera

The equipment is setup as suggested by Entire manual: the GPS2 port has been configured in Params List instead of Telem Port, since Telem ports are busy for the RFD868 telemetry radio to GCS and telemetry downlink to FrSky radio.

He can trigger the camera from MP, as well as from the Entire’s web interface.

He cannot control at all the Gremsy (which is setup for Mavlink protocol) neither from the radio nor from MP, and he cannot control other camera parameters (i.e. aperture, shutter time, ISO).

Is there anyone with experience with this setup who can help? I will pass infos to my colleague.


I succeed to connect Gremsy t3v2, Sony a7r2, FrSky x10S and Entire but I am using Sbus. When Mavlink is used you have much less options for controlling the gimbal. Most important is to use newest firmware. Some useful info I found here: