Cube User Manual V1.0

I have an Orange Cube with the ADSB carrier board.

The available User Manual - V1.0 - does not address all the connectors labeled on the carrier board.

Is there a document that explains how each connector on the ADSB carrier board is addressed?

For example, there is a connector “ADC.” I can’t find a reference to that anywhere.

There is one connector labeled “I2C” - but it’s labeled “I2C-2”. Is there an “I2C-1?”

The board has GPS-1 and GPS-2 and CAN-1 and CAN-2. It seems there couldn’t be enough serial ports on the CUBE to address all of:

Telem-1, Telem-2, GPS-1, GPS-2, I2C-2. Then there is the USB, ADC and the serial port used for the ADSB receiver.

It would be helpful to have good documentation for this. Thank you.

You may check them from the Cube Overview

btw, I2C1 is on GPS1