Cube yellow in px4


has anyone tried to use a yellow board with px4 autopilot software?

thanks in advance.

Yup. Works, with the exception that there’s a BAD AHRS warning on startup and won’t clear. Same is the case with Orange also.

Which firmware version were you using?

It’s 100% up to the PX4 team if they wish to support the cube yellow and orange.

We only design for ardupilot, and do not make any assumptions about suitability for anything with PX4

Hi Ben, how did you flash the firmware? QGC doesn’t recognise it.

From discussion with Auterion, looks like PX4 support for orange is not far off

Hi all,
I have been trying to get PX4 on the yellow cube for a while now, I see people mention it can be done but with no explanation of how. On top of that the Yellow Cube is marketed as working with PX4 but for the life of me I cannot find a method for flashing PX4 on the cube.

Any ideas on how to flash PX4 on the yellow cube?

You should be able to flash it in QGC. I don’t have a Yellow now to test but it should flash.

Try downloading the Beta QGC build if the stable does not work.

Thank you for the response. When I attempt to flash in the latest QGC release or in the OGC beta build I get the response below. This happens regardless of when I try stable, beta or “master” builds of PX4 from a release or beta version of QGC. I get:

Found device: Hex/ProfiCNC
Connected to bootloader:
Version: 5
Board ID: 120
Flash size: 1998848
Unable to find specified firmware for board type
Upgrade cancelled
If upgrade failed, make sure to connect directly to a powered USB port on your computer, not through a USB hub. Also make sure you are only powered via USB not battery.
Upgrade cancelled

Hi @dn_versatol,

To my knowledge there are no PX4 developers working on supporting the Yellow Cube, but right now a few of us are working on supporting the Orange Cube. I expect we’ll have a “beta” version for bench testing by the end of the month (May 2020).

Also note that QGC is the GCS, and PX4 is the autopilot. QGC can only look in some pre-specified URLs for a download link to pre-compiled firmware for whatever boards have been configured for auto-build. If you want a specific development version of PX4, you’ll need to compile it yourself.


I just acquired an Orange Cube for integration with a PX4 aircraft (Albatross) in a university training program, only now finding it won’t work with PX4. I’m interested in assisting with bench testing in the coming weeks, do you have a beta version soon to come?

Looks like yellow is in PX4 master!!! Well done Mirko and others on the PX4 team!

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Hey Cubepilot community, a quick follow-up to this issue.

PX4 support for Cube Yellow and Orange has landed in v1.11.0 the latest stable release, thanks to contributions by @mirkix and @JacobCrabill

Thanks Ramon! And thanks PX4 team!