CubeBlack to CubeOrange

Hey Guys, probably a stupid question but just for my own sanity. I am running ArduCoper 4.0.3 with a few minor mods on current CubeBlack. Am I able to run this code directly on the new CubeOrange once we migrate over or (which I am suspecting is the case) will I need to recompile ArduCopter code with CubeOrange specified as board type?


The same set of parameters on cubeBlack will work for orange as well. I would recommend that you flash the firmware on orange and then import the parameters from Cube black.

Yes. Your build target has to CubeOrange.

Yes as Mali said you will need to compile for Orange and the H7 their are some minor changes on power module setup. Also check the EKF settings as well but that should be fine.

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Thanks Gents!