CubePilot drones in a rocket launch

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We wanted to share our unique application for the Cube Pilot platform: A drone deployed from a rocket at 9000 feet! We used the Cube Orange and Here3 GPS mounted on a 5” foldable quad to deliver an object from altitude down to a designated point on the ground. The equipment was subject to an acceleration of 15Gs at launch and a rapid high-altitude ejection, yet was still quickly able to stabilize the drone. We completed two successful launches. During the first, our Here3 took the blunt force of a black powder charge (intended to aid in the separation of the rocket body) with nothing more than minor cosmetic damage. The blow triggered a failsafe, and the Cube Orange was able to bring the drone down for a soft landing. We were very impressed with its capabilities and recovered the drone in perfect condition. Data collected by the Cube Orange helped us identify the problem within the rocket and take corrective action for our second launch. On our second attempt we were able to successfully complete the challenge, landing the drone just 12.5 inches from the target after its 9000 foot launch. We couldn’t have done it without CubePilot!

View a video of the launch here: 2022 Argonia Cup Comprehensive Flight 1 & 2

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Missouri S&T Multirotor Design Team


excelent! well done to the whole team!

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Wow amazing job! My deepest congrats!

Can you share what flight control system did you use in the rocket?

Hey Andreas,
The controls used in the Gemini rocket were pretty simple. In the US, if a model rocket has any sort of flight guidance it’s designation changes to “missile” and requires a lot more paperwork. All we had onboard was the solid-state motor providing upward thrust and a couple altimeters to release the parachute and drone stages at a predetermined altitude. The rocket was created by our sister team, the Missouri S&T Rocket Design Team -