CubePilot RTK


Im sorry if my question is too dumb, I neve have use the RTK, and im not clear about it.

My principal doubt if the RTK base need to be connected to a computer or its enought to power on the GPS base antenna on the ground (after the setup of course).



If you want to use RTK, the base station (ground base antenna) should communicate with the rover antenna (air/drone antenna) to help correcting the GPS data. So you must connect it to a computer with MP and also have a radio module to communicate with the drone.

If you don’t need high GPS accuracy, dont use the base antenna and use only the Rover one. Without the base antenna connected and RTK injection, the Here+ has standard GPS precision.

I have just need a precision landing on the charger base… what do you think?

Using an RTK GPS and an IR-Lock beacon would be a good start.

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Depending on your budget I would suggest using a GPS with Ublox F9P in it. The Here+ is pretty old technology now and we never got anywhere near the advertised accuracy with it.

You would need two of these…one for the drone and one for the ground station.

You will need a computer acting as a ground station (running mission planner) to be able to send correction data to the drone.


NTRIP fix can be used without base

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I’m a bit new to this forum (first post). Is there a wiki or tutorial on setting up ntrip? I have a base/rover but nothing on my drone (solo) yet and am researching what is needed in terms of hardware.

It seems that if ntrip can feed to a phone then it should be usable by about any device that has a data connection to the web.