CubePilot's Manufacturer Code

Hi guys,

I just purchased a CubePilot Remote ID and I’m looking for it’s serial number. In order to follow the RE 2019/945 the serial number should follow the “Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Serial Numbers (ANSI/CTA-2063-A) - All”.

Anyone knows the 4 digit Manufacturer code of CubePilot that must be included in the product’s serial number?


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@viglesias CubeID can currently be used inside OEM setups only. The manufacturer will then need to certify the entire frame creating there own Declaration. The standalone broadcast remote ID module policy is intended for DIY airframes, not commercial drones.
For Commercial Drones the regulation requires deeper tie in with the flight controller. This can be achieved with CubeID and Ardupilot. You can follow the procedure mentioned here .

We are still working on a solution for non-commercial standalone broadcast only solution. For Commercial solution please follow the docs (Esp. Persistent UAS ID section).

Also note that in the document you mentioned, the Code is to be applied for by the manufacturer of the UAS not the manufacturer of the transmitter.

@sidbh thanks for answering.

So the CubeID itself does not need a serial number with a CubePilot’s manufacturer code?

Moreover, can CubePilot provide a EU Declaration of Comformity of the CubeID module? Is something I will need in the near future.

Again, thanks for your time.

@viglesias as far as I am aware the Declaration of Conformity is to be done by UAS manufacturer as well. Our CubeID modules are CE certified as a bluetooth transmitter module.