Curiousness about FC


I have a question about FC.

I’m inquiring about something while using FC.
I’m not trying to disparage or hit the product
I’m just curious about something.

First: I’m curious about the difference between the two FCs, Cube Orange+ and Cuav V5+. I’m curious about the difference based on experience, such as why I have to choose this product among the two FCs.

Second: I’m also curious about what I should see and compare in the log record under the assumption that the setting is the same.
For example, Vibe status, IMU status, Roll, Pitch, Yaw, and so on…
I wonder what log records I should look at and compare.

Once again, I’m just curious about the difference because I don’t have much experience and knowledge, and I’m not trying to evaluate the product.
I’m just curious about all the advice from experience, and I wrote here because I had nowhere to ask.
Please give me a lot of advice.

Easy to help you with log files Downloading and Analyzing Data Logs in Mission Planner — Copter documentation

The harder bit put simply, Philip of Cube has been part of the Ardupilot project and making controllers for years. He was part of the team that created the original designs. Anything from other manufactures like CUAV is just derivative work. They have taken the open designs and put them in their own box.

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