Current and Voltage limitations Cube Orange

Hi, everyone. I’m very new in this stuff, so I’ll be so glad for your help.

I’m into the design of a RC Plane, and I want to use telemetry in it, principaly for input voltage and motor current measure.

I want to know what is the available range of voltage and current that a Cube Orange with ADSB-In could measure?

Thank you!

“The power module inside The Cube package supports up to 8S voltage, 30 A continuous current and 100 A burst current” from the doco.
This refers to the separate mini power module (regulator and integrated voltage and current measurement) that comes with the Cube package. Of course the Cube itself cant directly take battery voltage.

If you need more voltage or current for motors and other devices, or potentially better reliability, or better resolution of current measurement then get a Mauche sensor.