Custom Android Application In Herelink

Hello Everyone,

I start to develop an custom android application on Herelink tablet which will communicate by using mavlink protocol.
For now in the application, I can read data which air unit sends to remote controller over 14551 port. After listening the port i get the Heartbeat, RadioStatus and ScaledPressure data. On the other hand, i cant send heartbeat data to air unit. When i listen serial port of air unit i don’t see any incoming data. I guess i can send data to air unit but it does not redirect to serial port. Do i generate heartbeat wrong or missing something?
This is the code how i generate heartbeat in java.
int bufferSize = 21;
int systemId = 256;
int componentId = 0;
Heartbeat heartbeat = Heartbeat.builder()
connection.send2(systemId, componentId, heartbeat);

Can someone look through the approach that I have taken and rectify me if there are any changes that I need to make in the process that I have followed?

did you find a solution???