Custom carrier board for Cube - Hardware related queries


I am starting a custom hardware design for a Orange Cube Carrier board. I am following the schematic available at The-Cube/CB_REV_C_Altium at master · proficnc/The-Cube · GitHub by @proficnc

  1. PSM section:
    a. Why is MIC5332 selected as the LDO? It is dual output device and here in the design only one output is used for VDD_3V3_SPEKTRUM . Is it for the form factor?
    b. I understand BQ24313 and /5 are used as overvoltage/overcurrent protection. But the BQ family is more specifically meant for battery related applications. There maybe cheaper ICs that can do the overvoltage and overcurrent protection. Any specific reason for selecting BQ24313?

This is my first hardware design in the drone space and my apologies if I missed something obvious. Awesome to see such good designs made opensource!

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Hi Abhijith,

You are right, few components can be upgraded with more appropriate and more recent ones. Remind that this circuit has been developped about 10 years ago, so choices that have been made at that time are hard to justify 10 years later.
On other hand the PSM has been produced by hundreds of thousands, and is still used today. It proved it is defenitly reliable !

Hi Julien,

Yes, I totally agree with you. Like I mentioned and since I am starting a new design I wanted to just confirm if there was any other reasons.

Just curious if you know something about the current status of the project? Is Mr. Philip working on it or is there a team? I am asking this because I’d like to contribute to the project. Is there any way to do it?


The carrier boards sch are intended to be compatible with all Cubes version so pinout is pretty locked.
Regarding any PSM update, i cant answer for @philip :wink:
Anyway if you want to work on an uupgraded one with the same functionalities it would be a good idea !

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The questions are valid… there are many ways to do things. But the true reason for the PSM being locked down as a design is that with this exact component set, we get absolute reliability.

There may be components that look better on their data sheets, or are cheaper etc.

But this design is proven, especially when manufacturing quality is as high as we make it.

The use of the PSM is your choice, but we strongly recommend it, and all our resellers can sell it too you, including @Julien who is helping you here.

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