Damaged Hereflow: unknown component accidentally yanked

Hello everyone,

My hereflow was damaged after the conector was yanked, taking along an unkown component and part of the solder trace. I’m not sure when or how exactly that happened but it was probably due to a series of crashes my quadcopter experienced. After this, it no longer works.

I’ve attatched an image of my hereflow (I’ve replaced the conector).
Is it possible to buy just the yanked component and solder it onto the board?
What component is that? I wasn’t able to find any information on this online. If only I knew what component this is, I could try to buy and solder it and see if I can save the board.

Thank you very much for any help. We really need this hereflow working for an upcoming autonomous drone competition our college robotics group is going to participate on and we don’t have the budget to buy another hereflow, as it is particularly expensive in the country I’m from.