I trying set up a quadcopter with the Cube and usually i have an event “EKF_YAW_RESET”.
When the quadcopter takeoff it rotates about its z axis around 5º to the left.

I have read it was happened on arducopter 3.4 but i am using the last arducopter firmware and the last MP version.

Here is the log if anyone could see it.


This is due to interference from magnetic material in the ground

Can also be from not doing compass mot

I did it, but allawys i had the same problem. the interference does not exceed 4%, but when I finish the “compass / mot calibration” I have the same errors:

-The artificial horizon begins to move in all directions
-EKF Pos vert variance.
-EKF IMU 0 has stopped aiding
-EKF IMU 1 has stopped aiding…


It is a control issue. Your arms aren’t aligned on your frame and you are running out of yaw authority.

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