Dead Air Unit - Overvoltage Repair?

I believe I’ve bricked my air unit by giving it a bit more than 12v (3s). Does anyone know what component(s) would have been damaged on the PCB and/or how to repair this?

How many volts did you supply to air unit? It is protected from overvoltage up to 12.6V

I powered it from a nearly fully charged 3s, so pretty much exactly 12.6v. I didn’t see anything that looked messed up on the PCB tho.

Can you check carefully if any chips on the PCB has been damaged?

Also, can you use a multimeter to check whether vsys and GND on the test point are shorted?

I didn’t find any components that looked burned or damaged, but I’ll have to check continuity between vsys and GND when I get back. I’m up in Boston for a few weeks on a work trip:/ Thanks!

Any follow up on this topic?