Dead Air Units

It seems that the air units are very fragile when it comes to power input. We have 2 that are bricked, no LEDs, no comms in the flasher app, etc. Input power was within the 5-12v range, and had been used for multiple iterations. After about 25 connect/disconnects the air unit arc’d when being plugged in and …… poof… dead.

Anyone have any recommendations other than sending them to China?

Best way would to plug the connector first and to power it only after it is in place.

Tried that, no joy.

try a 2s lipo.
the voltage limit of 5v is a little low.
if you can try 6-12v

I have had my herelink for about a year. found it works much better on 12 volts than 5 it uses about a 1/3 less current and a more reliable video feed no drop outs. Michael love the auto connect on mission planner and the herelink video option.

Michael any chance of having the two camera streams from herelink available on MP video stream eg a switch or even PIP options

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i can add a switch yes, 2 at the same time however might be possible, but not sure if the hardware can do it. ie 2 fullhd h264 streams at the same time. the air unit gets pretty hot with just one

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Michael, thanks for the recommendation on the 2S. No luck though… after re-reviewing some of my wiring and voltage levels it looks like I was supplying 12.5V and that was enough to either cook the unit, or put it into some protected state. I tried 5, 7.4, 12, all to no avail on 2s as well as 3 and 4s batts. Have you ever seen a unit go into a voltage protection state?

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Cool. I have a fan and a 50 Deg C thermoswitch on the air unit on the bench the fan turns on for about 20 seconds every 5 minutes consistently over several hours of video and serial stream. Any chance of having the video stream auto connect, may be a option for saving the Stream IP address. Pip is not necessary and may use to much current. Thanks

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I have not been able to get the video yet on mission planner. Telemetry good but no video. Whats the secret and sequence of things to get it?

Not much of a secret. I got it running after upgrading MP to the last beta as M_O adviced

I’m running last beta but no love with clicking on Herelink video. telemetry is fine. :thinking:

Are you sure your camera HDMI out is a good HDMI? I have an action cam that does not work and a GoPro that does. Im not saying GoPro is the only cam. I have a Sony A7R that works great.

make sure you have started video from one of the app’s

if you dont it will never work

after upgrading the ear link to the latest firmware and system update I have been able to get both video and mavlink without any apps running on the herelink via hotspot and network Connections

there has been a second system update since the new firmware and system update

I have installed VLC media player on the herelink and using the Herelink RC to control the gimbal ( 5 sbus out channels ) and only running VLC on herelink no other apps then streaming video and telem to a separate device running MP. So pilot control from a16 ch RC and cam control from the Herelink RC running VLC. Works fine can connect both video and Telem to several devices at one time eg video on Herelink RC and video and telem on mission planner or other android GSC apps and Media players