Dead sticks

One of our HereLinks does not respond to any stick movement. The sticks are simply dead. I have dried to reflash and recalibrate the unit several times but the issue does not disappear.

Any ideas what else to do to fix this?

first thing is to do the stick calibration from the settings app. all 3 of them. also does the scroll wheel work?

Thank you for the fast reply @Michael_Oborne!

Yes, the scroll wheel does work.
For the sticks I did the calibration and it did not work. I reflashed two times and dried to calibrate after reflashing and it did not work. There is no sign of any stick input on the configuration and calibration app.

Even though there is no sign of movement follow the instruction and see if it then comes back at the end

I did it and it does not. After calibration I cannot press “Pass” but only “Fail” because I cannot perform the move black circle test. I have calibrated a lot of HereLinks before and I think I know what I do. There seems something significantly wrong.

the reason i asked about teh scroll wheel is thats its a daughter board to the joystick.
and if that works, there is no logical reason the stick would not work.

like madrc said though. it is important to do the calibration and read the white instructions screen. else it will NOT work.

the order, and moment matter as well. as this is detecting stick direction as well as center location.

Yes, I have done the calibration and have exactly followed the instructions. I have done this with different units before without an issue. I have repeated the calibration several times with this unit and I have reflashed it several times.

I have reflashed it today again two times and tried the calibration. I also did update to beta and tried the calibration. The sticks are somehow dead and I would appreciate a solution which does take into account that this might not be a calibration issue.