Decoding MavLink Packets


I’m using Java on Android Studio, and creating an application on the herelink controller unit which is connected to the orange cube pilot.

I’ve managed to open up a UDP connection to port 14552 in the local host and i’m currently just listening in to all the data coming through, converting it to hexadecimal and saving it to a txt file.

However, my question is, how do i go about decoding the mavlink hexadecimal messages? i’ve already read throught this site Messages (common) · MAVLink Developer Guide but as someone who has never worked with hexadecimcals its a bit confusing.

So for example, im getting a message as such:

Firstly, are those 0s at the end are just empty bytes that can be ignored?
So now that i only have a short hexadecimal like:

how do i go about actually reading this? i just need a good understanding or starting point



i think you might need to work though the mavlink documentation a bit more to learn about the packet structure and libraries along with it.

how did you get those values thou? am i reading my packets wrong or is this something you decoded from what i had

i decoded the hex you had with mission planner.

did you use an application to decode it? or did you do it manually

the application “mission planner”