Delete Button Profile?

How do you delete a Herelink Button profile?

You can create a new one then delete the old one or just delete all of the functions from it.

Thanks but you didn’t mention how to ‘delete the old one’?
What I want to do is tidy up the Button Profile Load List by removing the unwanted Button Profiles.
In other words, how can you delete a Button Profile from the Button Profile List?
Also how can you rename a button profile?
I expect the answer to these questions is to edit some system file???

So I assume you can’t delete or rename Button Profiles??

Sorry I got my self a little confused. To delete the profiles you need to reset the device currently.

Looks like if I did that all the profiles would be deleted? Could the ability to edit button profiles be put on the Update wish list?

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Hi, I was just messing around with my herelink (connected through USB on my windows computer) and I think I found the folder where button profiles are stored:

Optimus\Internal shared storage\Android\data\org.cubepilot.herelinksettings\files\KeyConfigs

I opened one file with the notepad and it had my button profile settings, I didn’t try to delete it though but I guess it could work. Maybe even to migrate the button profile from one device to another.

Great and deleting or renaming profiles works.
Thanks for that!!!
I also just found you can do it on the Herelink as below

• On Herelink screen swipe down
• Select the Settings icon
• Select ‘Storage’
• Navigate to the ‘KeyConfigs’ folder as below
• Android\data\org.cubepilot.herelinksettings\files\KeyConfigs
• Select the button profile file to be changed and use the top right icons to delete or rename