Developing for Cube Orange with ADS-B Carrier

Hi Everyone,
I’ve recently acquired myself a cube orange, and want to do some software development. The User Guide that came with my device references which appears to be a dead link.

My intent is to use the blackmagic probe (or Zubax DroneCode Probe if that’s preferred) and serial wire debug interface to debug software on the FMU. But I can’t for the life of me find a reference diagram for the cube’s ADS-B carrier board. I’ve found references to the 80-pin interface (common across all cubes) containing IO and FMU SWD pins, but get lost when it connects to the carrier.

tl;dr: Where can I debug the Cube Orange (either directly, or through carrier / mini-carrier)? Where can I find more developer information for the cube?

Note: Looks like there’s some incorrectly formatted markdown in the user guides for the cube module here:

Edit: I’ve pushed a PR to fix a lot of the formatting issues on that mentioned page. Am I correct in saying the correct approach to debugging the hardware is to purchase and solder a connector (SM06B-SURS-TF(LF)(SN)) to the (presumably) carrier board and attach to it that way?

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I believe it is the same as the standard carrier board, you can use the debug port at the bottom of carrier board to do debugging

Thanks for the reply - The only reference I can find of an inside of a carrier board (either standard or ADS-B) is from Bask Aerospace - standard carrier board. I hope what I’m understanding from @Sjourney is that the image of the underside of the carrier PCB is the two debug ports for IO and FMU. If that’s the case, I can place my digikey order and get started! :smiley:

Thanks again!

Perfect! Absolute legend!

Sorry to bump an old thread but I’m trying to do the same. Where in this picture are the debug ports?

@Alex_Burka The debug connectors are on the left side of the image above.

Unfortunately, no anchor link available, but search this page The Cube Module Overview - CubePilot


Debug (New Standard Debug) (Digikey PN for housing SM06B-SURS-TF(LF)(SN)-ND)

According to Developing for Cube Orange with ADS-B Carrier - #2 by Sjourney you can use the connector at the bottom of the board (?) One is IO debug and the other is FMU debug. I believe FMU Debug is P108 (?)

I never ended up debugging on this hardware, I was debugging on a different board, sorry I can’t be more help.

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