DF17 Diptrace

Does anyone out there have a DF17 80 Diptrace Library. Looking to perhaps do up a carrier board and need to find that component for diptrace.


This is the best way to start a carrier design:

Reference schematics and libraries for Cube carrier boards now available

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That was helpful, I can’t seem to import the library but the schematic was very helpful Thank you.
I think i am going to have a few questions coming out of this but so far I can make a start.


here are some more files for you

Hey Michael thanks for this.
Do yo know if there is a document that defines what some of these connections to the cube mean or what the cube is expecting.
For instance stuff like this.
27 VDD_5V_PERIPH_EN is this a high output to enable a psm for external devices.
55 VDD_BRICK_VALID I am curious what the cube is expecting for this pin.

You may check the definition of DF17 pins here:

Thank you that’s exactly what I was after.
Just need to understand what this means.
VDD_BRICK_VALID Main Power valid signal IS the cube looking for input or is it sending an output. These are the things I need to understand next. But hey a lot closer now.


Cube is looking for an input from the PSM for that.

It means the voltage coming from the first power input are within the allowable range.

Thanks Jeff.
I assume it’s just looking for 5 volts or is it a 3.3volt signal. I assume its just 5volts in the right range to make it happy.