Did I just break my Herelink air unit antenna cables?


I’m in the process of disassembling my RTF drone for the first time. :wink: Taking the wifi/antenna cables off the air unit resulted in this:

Is this how the connectors are supposed to look? If not, how would I be able to disconnect the cables from the air unit?

Yes,the antenna is broken.
You can connect your local dealer to buy a new part.

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A little hard to see the pic clearly but I would say it should not look like that. The two connectors on the Herelink are MMCX connectors and while they are made to be snapped on and off quite a few times they can also be a bit fragile, especially with lots of leverage from long connectors or wires. It looks like the make connector from the antenna wire was left behind when you went to remove it. You can see what it should look like here.

I ended up making an adapter for ours partially for this reason. It sandwiches those connectors down so they can’t be bent or broken and then we adapt to some other connector types from there.

You should be able to pull that part out and then buy a new antenna.

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Thanks for your answers! I had found the information that these are MMCX connectors only after posting my question.
(Also, I found out only then that there exists such a thing as MMCX connectors. ;-))

In fact, the wifi connection seems ok after replugging the cables, but I’ll have a deeper look later.

Glad it seems to be working. Best of luck to you!

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Thanks! While we’re at it: Why do you guys think it’s a good idea to buy a new antenna - is it so difficult to replace the connector?

For me it was an easy button suggestion. A new antenna is somewhere around $30 dollars US. It’s possible to repair it and not incredibly difficult but the amount of difficulty will just depend on your comfort and skill level as well as the tools you have.

Yeah, it’s a bit more expensive over here in Germany, but we’ll see … others in my company are more experienced with repairs of this kind and perhaps less clumsy than me. :laughing:
Thank you for your opinion!

Hello sir, i want to use herelink antenna upgrade kit from Airbot systems, which is convinient for my use. So my question is will it affect the performance? Because in description it is written that those antennas are similar performance as original Antenna.