Difference between Beta 1 and Beta 2 units?


What are the differences between the Beta 1 and Beta 2 units? We have a Beta 1 and I’m curious if there’s any significant changes between the two. Perhaps an HDMI out :wink: ?

How can you tell if you have a Beta1 or Beta2 unit?

As stated on all the stores websites that list them. “No hardware change Software update only”

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All of the units currently shipped out are Beta 1 units. The Beta 2 has not shipped yet.

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That’s what got me confused… I was informed the hardware was final and it’s just the firmware…?

Firmware is software just a depper leval of it. so yes it could include kernal software and Android changes and apps

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Hello Philip,

Just want to make things clear to all beta 1 owners like me, as per my earlier comment in the firmware up date topic, I did ask you about the hardware changes, and you have confirmed that the camera tilt angle hardware has been changed. Is there any other hardware changes between the beta one and the up coming beta two.

Also can you please tell me if the hardware changes were made to the ground control unit or the air control module? I am under the impression the ground control unit would be changed because of the thumb wheel is in this unit, and in this case I could order just the ground control unit for beta 2 and sink my air unit to that, I will have the full function of the camera tilt angel update. Is this a fair assumption.

In the next release (beta 2) will you be selling the air unit and the ground unit separately, so the beta 1 owners like me can buy either the air unit or the ground unit to update ourselves.

He has been as clear as day on the hardware.

Only the ground unit has had a minor change to the gimbal wheel it’s self, this will not affect anything to do with air ends and the entire radio system is the same.

As for upgrading to Beta 2 tbh personally that’s not something I really think is realistic to expect. There is nothing stopping anyone from upgrading by buying again however the sales in beta were as such everyone knew things may change and it’s really actually been very small in the end.

From Phillips comments and info they have been as clear and transparent as they can with everyone in this.

If you go in early on a beta then there really are no guarantees of anything, they are never going to leave People with malfunctioning gear however minor changes are to be expected and part of the course.


Yep… there is a manufacturing method change to the thumb wheel.

No hardware functionality changes.

All features that change are software… so once that is released, beta 1 and beta 2 will be identical in functionality.