Difference between metallic and non metallic colored Cube Orange Plus

We recieved a new batch of Cube Orange Plus and they have a different color (a bit darker and metallic)

Anybody know if there is a difference or if it can be a “fake/copy” ?

Serial number for the older non metallic colored : CU11S23503460
Serial number for the newer metallic colored: CU11X23902371

The color difference is greater than shown on the picture.

I think both are real, just different surface treatments.

According to the supplier the latest ones has anodized metal casing instead of plastic.
Also we needed to load the latest firmware to get the compass to work, so probably some different components inside also.

which Firmware number, I am uploading 4.3.3 and it throws config error : fix problem then reboot.

why is device tyoe for IMU is showing in the new metallic cube 59?

CubeOrange Plus needs version 4.4 and above to function. We have gone through some iterations of CubeOrangePlus, the latest version is with latest ICM45686 Balanced gyroscope IMUs, which require Ardupilot 4.4+ version to operate. If you need to run Ardupilot version < 4.4 please use CubeOrange.

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Was there a announcement or notification made about this?

@flite_Analysis we make engineering changes announcements here

okay, so here it is. thanks for the info -Siddharth.

I have very unstable flight quality with new “metallic” cubes. Difference is not only in color
AC4.4.0 and AC 4.4.3

I have no doubt it is genuine. But one IMU and magnetometer are missing on its places. Please, confirm it is

Regular Cube Orange+

Metallic Cube Orange+

Different sensor ID’s and bus

@umeloman Nothing is missing, they are leftover footprints from when we started to evaluate the new IMUs that are now standard. Those footprints used to hold Legacy IMUs. There have been changes to CubeOrangePlus as published on out Engineering Changes bulletin. When you say unstable flight quality can you please elaborate on what you mean and provide empirical comparisons.

We do not miss to place IMUs or components, each Cube undergoes intesive testing before it makes it to customer hands. Not only each sensor is verified as being present and working on the board, each cube goes through 3 days of sitting in a thermal chamber cycling through -20C to 70C where we monitor and log each sensor.

Additionally we have checks in place in Ardupilot software to ensure that Ardupilot doesn’t even proceed to fly if any of the components are not found. This is done only for Cube autopilots in Ardupilot so we are sure that each sensor is present and in working condition before flight. Basically you can’t even take off without each sensor is present with Ardupilot on Cubes.

Thank you for replying. As for unstable flight - motors starts to “wobbling” after “EKF primary change”, but I’m not sure it is only in metallic version. Also I have one Cube+ with faulty sensors or bus (BARO)

@umeloman have you opened this cube?