Difference between the US blue cube and the other cubes

Hey guys, for several years have been using the black cubes but we have had many issues regarding calibrations and smooth flights.

Does anyone has experience with the US blue cubes? are those any better than the rest of the stock?

Looking forward hearing your opinions.


The blue is hardware wise technically identical to the Black just US.

If your having issues with the black I would be looking closely at your tuning and setup as its unlikely the Cube causing it.

While the Orange Cube is the latest and greatest I would not expect it to be any more stable as they are all very stable when correctly mounted and configured. We need more info on your setup.

Can you confirm what calibration issues specifically your having, Can you provide logs.

The issues were that all sensors were not able to be calibrated and we had few crashes. We had a a couple of times GPS glitches and compass issues in the air. I think the Here2 gps was also causing some problems.

Do you have this issues as well?

How did you fly if sensors were not able to be calibrated?
Are you on the latest firmware?

we were able to take off but it looked unbalance and it crashed just right after. and an other time it toke off normally but when you put it in loiter than it just goes crazzy and says there is a GPS glitch. Dont know what is the problem there. Do you have any problems like this? @Alvin @MadRC