"disconnection" bug?

In both QGC and Solex TX the controller voice consistently reports (about every three minutes) that it has disconnected from the air unit though RSSI remains in tact and everything is as normal.
This was not the case prior to the latest FW update.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Did you turn on the GPS/airplane mode?
Have you terminated another app when you switch between QGC and Solex?

Thanks for the fast reply Alvin!
Did not know what you ask was an option.
Is that in the Android App ?

How do it access it ?

Thanks Again!

Simple as normal android phones.
To access the GPS/airplane mode button, swipe down from the top.
To access the active app list, press the square button at the left-hand-side.

Update: turns out this issue only manifests itself while running QGC, in Solex it does not occur.

I Notice that airplane mode must be turned on or the hand set breaks connection with the air unit regardless of QGC or Solex.

Again, prior to the update, this was not an issue.

Could this be a bug?

Airplane mode is designed for manually disconnect the air unit and controller.
Connection breaks when you turn it on.