Do I need a power module if I am using 4 in 1 ESC with pixhawk?

Do I need a power module if I am using 4 in 1 ESC with pixhawk? My 4 in 1 ESC only have 10v out and the FC needs 5v. If I need a power module then won’t it only be supplying 5v to 4 in 1 ESC and that wouldn’t be enough to run the motors? I am building a Tarot 650 quad. Also, do I really need my GPS on a mast? I think it doesn’t look good because the stick is so long.

this is a diagram of the best practice

Any way, always is better to have a separated power source for the FC fromo the rest of the elctronics. Beside that, a power module normaly came with the Volta and current sensor, very usefull to measure you battery.

Thanks for the diagram. However, I do not understand how the power is separated because the power seems to be going into the Mauch and that’s it. There isn’t 2 batteries. Also, in this diagram it is not 4 in 1 ESC’s. Is a 4 in 1 bad? I was thinking about using the T-Motor 45A Pacer with 4114 320kv motors.

Is the same battery, but I mean to be redundant with the BEC´s. For example, if you use just one BEC to power your FC, gimbal, camera, RC, etc… and becuase a problem on the gimbal or a overcurrent use, your BEC fails, the FC will reboot in the air or shut down and your drone will fall. You have to try do your best to maintaina the FC always on, for example, I use this mauch, just for the FC, include a power backup for the cube

your 4 in 1 esc is not bad, if the currents and voltage are ok with the mortors specs. Finally, remember the FC works with 5.3V, and in generals 5V BEC´s, are just 5.0V or less.

Awesome okay I understand it more. So does a power module like the 3DR one is that considered a BEC? Also, if my 4 in 1 ESC has a 10V BEC output can I power the servo rail on the Pixhawk? I was wondering what is the max voltage input on the servo rail. So for your drone you only need this Mauch system and not a 3DR power module because it has 2 BEC’s? Also, what is a good step down module?