Does Cube Pilot handle the signal from Japanese GPS satellite MICHIBIKI?

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I want to apply the Japanese Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (MICHIBIKI) data to improve the higher positional accuracy.
QZSS (Quasi-Zenith Satellite System) - Cabinet Office (Japan)
It is said that its accuracy is 5 cm.
Does your Cube Pilot handle its data?

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If using the Ardupilot firmware, then yes by default QZSS is handled provided your GNSS unit can work with it. I think any recent GNSS unit would handle QZSS, and ublox say from series 7 onwards.

By default GPS_GNSS_MODE=0 use all available constellations.

It is typical to limit the number of constellations in use for improved update rate and so the GNSS unit is not overwhelmed. Select only two constellations, usually GPS and one other.

There Here3 documentation shows how to set selected constellations in the GNSS unit itself

Thank you for your quick response.
Do you know how long I should weit to capture the QZSS satellite for getting higher accuracy?
I waited for several minutes but the number of captured satellites were same as GPS only.
The NEO-D9C captured the L6 signal from QZSS indeed.

Please be adviced to confirm the parameter settings for this function.
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