Doubt with Controller Specs on website


The proficnc and 3dxr websites both say the Wi-Fi modem on the Controller is 2.4G and not 5G. Is that a misprint?
Also Is Bluetooth also supported on the Controller? If yes, which version is it?

The controller is dual band. Its works in 2,4ghz from the controller to the air unit receiver, and its also 5ghz from the controller to a third device like computer, tablet or phone.
It is also equipped of bluetooth (hardware ready) but i’m not sure the actual firmware use it.
Maybe @philip or @sidbh can confirm that.



Communication between controller and the air unit is 2.4
Wifi is software limited to 5, but hardware is 2.4 and 5

@Julien Have you tried using the BT to connect to another device?

@philip Thanks for the confirmation. The website spec sheet threw me on a loop after reading multiple discussions about the Wi-Fi being 5GHz.

No, i didn’t tried yet. Im only using the 5ghz to connect Mission Planner wirelessly and sharing the video stream.


Would you mind to share the settings you use to connect to a computer/Mission Planner? Is the ground unit the hotspot or the computer? Maybe in a new thread, I’m sure it’s interesting for others too.

You can use this Tutorial to do it.

Follow the step 1 & 2. When done you just have to start Mission planner and connect through UDP (+defaut port)



Thanks, that’s helpful.

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Alright. Are you planning to test the functionality?
Could you please post the results here?