Doubt with Controller Specs on website

(Kartik Dokania) #1


The proficnc and 3dxr websites both say the Wi-Fi modem on the Controller is 2.4G and not 5G. Is that a misprint?
Also Is Bluetooth also supported on the Controller? If yes, which version is it?

(Julien Queffelec) #2

The controller is dual band. Its works in 2,4ghz from the controller to the air unit receiver, and its also 5ghz from the controller to a third device like computer, tablet or phone.
It is also equipped of bluetooth (hardware ready) but i’m not sure the actual firmware use it.
Maybe @philip or @sidbh can confirm that.



Communication between controller and the air unit is 2.4
Wifi is software limited to 5, but hardware is 2.4 and 5

(Kartik Dokania) #4

@Julien Have you tried using the BT to connect to another device?

@philip Thanks for the confirmation. The website spec sheet threw me on a loop after reading multiple discussions about the Wi-Fi being 5GHz.

(Julien Queffelec) #5

No, i didn’t tried yet. Im only using the 5ghz to connect Mission Planner wirelessly and sharing the video stream.

(HG) #6


Would you mind to share the settings you use to connect to a computer/Mission Planner? Is the ground unit the hotspot or the computer? Maybe in a new thread, I’m sure it’s interesting for others too.

(Julien Queffelec) #7

You can use this Tutorial to do it.

Follow the step 1 & 2. When done you just have to start Mission planner and connect through UDP (+defaut port)


(HG) #8

Thanks, that’s helpful.

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(Kartik Dokania) #9

Alright. Are you planning to test the functionality?
Could you please post the results here?