Doubts about aircommander


These are some of my queries :-

  1. What will happen if the 4g link goes or breaks ? Will the drone RTL ?

  2. If the drone will RTL, will the drone RTL in as obstacle avoidance enabled as I already have teraranger evo tower enabled and configured through mission planner and thinking to use q ground control with the uav matrix so I do not know if the configured settings in mission planner be also used with qgc ??

  3. Is your product compatible in India and with India cellular networks ?

  4. I read through all the docs from your website uavmatrix but have some doubts regarding that too. The doubt is that if I connect the raspberry pi to my pixhawk cube orange through USB to micro USB port to cube orange so what settings to do in mission planner. I am not talking about the baud rate settings or port settings. I am asking about that should I set the micro USB port protocol to mavlink 1 or mavlink 2 ?

  5. another thing is that already my Telem 1 is utilised with herelink or mavlink 1 and Telem 2 is utilised with mavlink 2 so can I still use your product because both the mavlink ports 1 and 2 are used ?

  6. If I connect the raspberry pi through the micro USB port then next time if I need to change something in mission planner, then what to do ? If I want to update cube orange mission planner, change parameter in mission planner, et then should I unplug the raspberry pi from micro USB ?

  7. How can I control my alexmos simple bgc gimbal through 4g and qgc ? Is it possible ?

  8. How can I control the camera trigger through 4G ? I mean qgc with uav matrix 4g ?