Downed copter and a missing component on Kore carrier board

Hello, our client had their copter crash a few days ago while on a mission.
The copter suddenly flew off course and crashed in to a tree.
After inspecting the copter they noticed their Kore carrier board was missing one component (Q4).
Is the loss of this tiny little component enough to bring a copter down and what could have caused this malfunction?
Client is using Kore carrier board with Black Cube 3.6.12
Attached is a picture of the board.
I can post logs if needed.

The logs would be great.
I’m confused at the water/salt damage on the board. Did it land in water?

@danlaks, can you have a look?

Hello Philip,
I talked to the client to get more information about the crash and the copter didn’t land in water.
However he told me that the day before the crash they flew three one hour missions and on the last mission it started to rain. The copter was then dried and kept in a heated 28c van before the next days flight. It flew normally for about 20 minutes and then it crashed.

Here is a Googledrive link for the log

Well… I think that’s the answer, that board is destroyed, the corrosive damage from the water is incredible.

This is what we figured after we got more information from the client.
Thank you for your swift reply.

Agree with @philip that the visual damage to the board is comprehensive. For future missions, your customer might want to consider conformal coating the PCB to protect it from moisture.