Downgrade of Herelink

@Michael_Oborne I want to downgrade my herelink , how I can do this.I am facing many problems after updation

please list the issue faced. downgrade is not possible. as there are changes inside to improve and protect the hardware.

Video streaming is coming properly

using what app? is it custom or a built in app?

builtin app Qground control.

@chandrahas the first issue is caused by an old QGC version and will be solved by the next update.

The second issue is with your serial port in Arducopter. You have to activate Mavlink 2 on the port the HereLink is connected. For that connect your flightcontroller via usb and use MissionPlanner or QGC on a computer.

The third issue (inconsistent sensors) might be caused by an old firmware and if you update Herelink and Arducopter it will be gone. Or you have to calibrate the sensors.

Video transmission might not work for various reasons. You need to provide more information on the settings and camera used to solve it.