Drone crash in midflight ..and it was not moving in straight line befor

Log file attached where the curved motion can be seen
Request help from some expert what would have gone wrong and how to correct before next flight
2022-12-30 06-44-10.bin (1.4 MB)
@Alvin @Michael_Oborne

Vibrations started to ramp up before the Roll got out of control. Pitch was also affected but not as much as roll.
Clipping and vibrations actually started earlier in the flight, so something was coming loose (battery?) or a prop or motor was already starting to fail before you saw the effects.

After you do repairs, use MissionPlanner motor test to check all the motors, probably for some extended time. Motors 3 and 2 are most suspect.

Definitely upgrade to latest stable firmware release.
Best to set
INS_ACCEL_FILTER,10 ← safe to use this value, it should be the new default value

Let me know if you want help with some more tuning, it’s easy to set up the harmonic notch filter and there is a combination of some parameters that dont make sense to me (INS_GYRO_FILTER and MOT_THST_EXPO for example)

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