Drone out of control

  1. drone out of control after updating(herelink)
  2. parameter read fail: comp1
    3.which firmware best for herelink after updating please suggest me.

please watch my video and give me a solution.


Which version were you before updating?
Did you re-calibrate the rc after updating?
Do you have any logs?

I was using 3.6.9 firmware before updating and yes had done recalibrate RC.
i am seding the log files.

2021-01-06 12-50-57.bin (2.7 MB)

2021-01-06 12-50-57.zip (1.5 MB)

Log_files.zip (2.9 MB)

log data

i am facing one another problem drone is not hover at zero throttle.

did you recalibrate and configure your HEreLink? After the update, HereLink will not have your old setup

we have calibrate many times.

Did you try to fly it again with other RC to test out if the problem is from Herelink?

In you log,

The throttle input and output was very different at 2 points

Desired attitude and achieved attitude are also inconsistent.

It doesn’t look like any thing (eg: incorrect input) command you drone to crash. It could be any other hardware failure. You don’t have any voltage/current sensor so I can’t tell if there was any high power device failed.

only two motor work after esc calibration.
during arming four motor are proper working.

What do you mean by only two motor work? If they work during arming, isn’t that mean 4 motors are fine?

Can you go to Motor Test page in Mission Planner and see if the PWM out are working?

Before I fly a new or updated drone I check without props whether the copter behaves as expected. If you tilt it around you can see very well if the motors etc. work well or if there is something wrong.

So do you mean they are spinning but not responding to attitude changes?

Yes, exactly. And I think that issues (such as uncontrollable thrust caused by wrong configuration) would most likely be visible during a check without props.

Issues caused by vibration and bad construction will of cause need other tests. Guessing from the video I think part of the issues are related to the string attached to the copter. I think it is far to long (the copter already gained enough momentum to initialize the selfdestruction sequence).

I would also test on a meadow instead of hard surfaces and far away from people.

Can you record a log with your copter disarm, throttle/roll/pitch/yaw up and down?
Conduct without propellers.