Dual Air Unit v1.1

I’m trying to bind 2 v1.1 Air Units as shown in this picture.
We did dip switch 1 down and 2 up on the GCS unit.

We can turn on both air units separately and then the ethernet works to their PC systems, but as soon as we turn on both they kick out the ethernet ports and the adapters just turn off.

Is this supported or still in beta?

to use ethernet, usb must be unplugged. also the switch’s are different for 1.1s than 1.0s

Thanks for answering.

There is nothing plugged in to the USB port. We only have ETH (RX & TX) soldered directly to an ethernet adapter that converts it back to an USB signal for our PC systems.

As for the switches we did the opposite of what is mentioned in the v1 document.

Air unit switches should be left alone, Ver 1.1 Ground ‘air’ unit should have Sw1 Down and 2 Up - as you say opposite to the version 1.0 setup instructions.
Bind the two units without Ethernet and they should both show green, turn them both off, connect your ethernet connections and make sure all are up, then power up both Air and Ground units and you should have a bridge up and running.
If not check your ethernet wiring, it maybe you have only RX or TX and if so you often see sporadic LED’s flashing on the USB adaptors, when its bound and bridged its pretty solid data showing on both ends.
Check you have enough volts as well - I use solid 12vdc now on Herelink air units.