Dual GPS configuration issue with here3+


We have been using CubeOrange on a mini carrier board with a dual here3+ GPS configuration. Dual GPS configuration was working perfectly fine with here3. But when we shifted to here3+, I am getting the following issues

1. Both GPS units are detected but both the external compass sensors are not being detected on boot. However, if I tap at the top of the GPS units or shake the drone, they are getting detected, but not able to proceed to compass calibration with this setup.
Here is a link for demonstration of the above : Link

I am getting the following error when I attempt compass calibration with the detected compass units post tapping/shaking.

This was not the case with here3 GPS units though. As soon as booting process is complete, both external compass units were detected with here3 GPS units.

2. When GPS_TYPE2 is set to UAVCAN, even though the satellite count is greater than 10 on GPS2, “GPS2 not healthy” error is being shown

I replaced Flight Controller with a brand new one and I replaced all the wiring of GPS units and CAN splitters. Still the issue persists and leads me to think that these GPS units are malfunctioning. I replaced the GPS units also with brand new two here3+ units. Drone performed well for first two fights, but the above problem resurfaced for the third flight even with new here3+ units. I checked the input voltage to the GPS units and certainly there are no short circuits happening on the drone.

Question 1 : Is there any difference between the configuration of here3 GPS units vs here3+ GPS units?
Question 2 : Why would GPS compass sensors not be detected on the boot?
Question 3 : Does here3+ support dual GPS configuration?

Note : Mini carrier board has a CAN2 port. Using this port and a CAN/I2C splitter, I plugged in two GPS units. Firmware version we have been using was 4.3.0 Arducopter.

Please support me debug the issue

@Tom have you resolved this issue using dual Here3+ on mini carrier board?