Dual rtsp stream via Eth on HereLink v1.1

Hello @philip @Michael_Oborne and team,

We are working through integrating your HereLink v1.1 with an IP camera that is providing a video feed via the ETH in on the air unit over two endpoints as follows:


Our goal is to allow these streams to be toggled in QGCs video feed UI in order to select “stream 1” or “stream 2”.

We can currently view each of the video streams in QGC from the IP camera on the HereLink ground station so we know everything is talking properly.

According to the documentation, the streams in QGCs UI are mapped to the HDMI1 and HDMI2 inputs accordingly.

Would you be able to provide some guidance on how to configure the RTSP streams above going into the Airunit Eth port to the Stream 1 and Stream 2 field in QGC?

Thank you,

herelink doesn’t function like this.

herelink uses 1 stream, that is software switched on the air unit itself.

Hey @Michael_Oborne thank you for the immediate reply.

Is there any way to hard code the stream URLs on the air unit or configure our streams into the air unit to work with your default stream settings to mimick two HDMI streams?

this is all possible. but would require a custom qgc to do it.