EAGLE reference schematic and library for Cube Carrier Boards

Hi everyone!

I’ve created an EAGLE library and reference schematic package for those who would like to design their own Cube Carrier board. This package contains production-proven footprints, easy to follow schematic symbols, and a known good schematic for the carrier board to start your design from.

Product Page: https://wurzbachelectronics.com/cube-eagle-reference-materials
Blog post on our website: https://wurzbachelectronics.com/blog/reference-schematics-and-libraries-for-cube-carrier-boards-now-available-/


What version of eagle are these in? I would be happy to spend the few dollars to save me the hours of work. I am using eagle version 7.7.

Hi Greg,

As we discussed by email, the files should open with no issues on EAGLE 7.7. I created them EAGLE 6.6.0 and have not observed any issues with opening them in EAGLE 7 and forward.

Revision of B of the files are now posted. Revision B corrects a spelling error and a typo in a package name.

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How may layer is the Pcb file ?

I’ll try and buy these later and take a look as I don’t have Altium.

The PCB for a carrier should be 4 or more layers to account for proper ground planes.

Also, note that the package covers only schematic and footprints. The package contains a .brd file to keep EAGLE happy, but it’s not setup as a reference layout.